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I like consistency. 😊 I can’t help it, it’s just how I am wired. One area of Forms Pro where there isn’t always consistency is with Survey Invites. Lucky for me (and others who crave orderliness) we can create a process where a subject will be added to every survey invite sent.

First let’s look at how the survey invites work in terms of getting a subject. If you are logged in to Forms Pro and send the survey via email, the subject on the invite is the one you added to the template. This is the same when you use the ‘Send a survey’ action from Microsoft Flow.

When we use the ‘Create an invitation’ action in Microsoft Flow, this is where the subject can be overlooked. It gives a blank subject rather than using the subject from the email you generate to send out the invitation.

Here is an example of a Flow set up to send out an email with a survey invite when a case is closed. You can see the different steps created.

We will focus on the last few actions. Here we are creating the invitation with the Forms Pro connector. Then we use the email connector to create the email to send. After the email step, add in a Get records step selecting the Forms Pro survey invites entity. Then use the Invitation Id from the Create an invitation step as the Item identifier.

Now we need an Update record step for the survey invite we retrieved in the previous step. Use the Activity id as the record identifier. It makes sense to use the same Subject that you added to the Send an email step earlier. Keep it consistent! 😉

Now we can see in our list of survey invites, the subject is generated using the case number, so a nice unique subject.

And even better, when looking at a timeline, again we see a nice consistent experience where each subject invite has a nice subject line giving us clear information about what was sent to the recipient. 👍

Want to just watch how to do this? Check out the video below:

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