Contact Form (Test Example)

The purpose of this form is to show fields can be shown or hidden when someone ticks the box to indicate they are happy to be remembered. There are three fields to be shown dynamically.

  1. If this is your first time, or there are no cookies on your browser for D365 Marketing on my site, you will see the phone number field being asked for.
  2. If you fill it out, wait about 5 minutes then refresh the page, you should see job title.
  3. Do it a third time and you should see the city field.
  4. One last time and you should just see first name, last name and email (plus the comments box each time).

If you didn’t tick the box you won’t be remembered so will always see the phone number field.

Feel free to test it out! But please don’t be rude or unkind in the comments. Tell me a joke instead. 🥰