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  • If you are responsible for communications sent to your customers by your organisation, making sure people’s communication preferences are adhered to is likely top of mind. At the bottom of every Forms Pro survey email that goes out is an Unsubscribe link. This allows the recipient to stop receiving emails requesting them to complete a…

  • Using an SMS (text message) option as a form of communication can be extremely beneficial to your organsation. It gives the ability to keep in touch with your customers in ways that suit them. We’ve looked at ways to send out Forms Pro Surveys using email, but how could we send a link to a…

  • If you are using Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, you will no doubt have used Charts, Views and Dashboards to get a visual representation of your data. This is no different for your Forms Pro Survey responses! We can create charts to display the responses from a view (search) and display them in various places. It’s…