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  • Within this Forms Pro series I have covered Multilingual Surveys and Email Templates separately. How can we combine the two and create Multilingual Email Templates? It’s not straight forward but it is possible. We just need to set up the various elements and then combine them all together with Microsoft Flow. First start off by…

  • In a recent survey we looked at Using Parameters To Pass Forms Pro Survey Context. Within that post, a Lead record was created when they filled out a survey embedded in to a website. One thing we didn’t do within that was to check and see if the Lead record already existed within the related…

  • So far we’ve covered a lot on Microsoft Forms Pro. This post comes with some feedback and knowledge direct from a member of the Forms Pro team at Microsoft. So special thanks to Prateek Sethi for providing guidance with the steps for the Microsoft Flow, and using the parameters effectively. In this post we will…