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  • Once you have sent out your survey invitations (either direct from Forms Pro or using Power Automate to generate and send out the invitation emails), how do we know what’s happened to them? If you have looked in the Common Data Service using a Model-Driven App, or have paid attention to the invitations in Forms…

  • For each presentation I do, I hope at least someone will find value in the content, and maybe even want to get more info. Subscribing to my newsletter is a good way to do this. About a year ago I started using Forms Pro surveys as part of the session, and always include a question…

  • I’ve written about using survey variables in Forms Pro to create a personalised experience for your clients. You can use variables in email templates, in the survey questions and sub-titles, and when embedding within a website. We can also use variables as hidden values, used specifically as a way to link surveys and their responses…