I love learning, and helping others in the process. I often search for solutions and find an answer that is so technical I ‘think’ it might be the right answer, but it’s just over my head. Hopefully my way of explaining things can help people no matter their level of understanding.


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  • Recently I was working on a project that called for displaying invoices in a Dynamics 365 Portal. We can easily add the ability to show the Notes entity on the Invoice entity, allowing a user to add a PDF of the invoice which could then be displayed on the portal. However, I wanted something that…

  • I’ve been sharing Forms Pro content since March 2019. I’ll continue to do so via my blog, but I wanted to share more. So, I am excited to announce that each month I will run a live Forms Pro Webinar covering the latest updates for the previous month. Find out what’s new, and how to…

  • Here we have the final article in a three part series of how to create a Forms Library using Microsoft Flow, Dynamics Portals and Forms Pro. Part One showed all of the D365CE and Portal configuration needed, then Part Two showed how to create a Flow to actually generate Account specific surveys which would then…