I love learning, and helping others in the process. I often search for solutions and find an answer that is so technical I ‘think’ it might be the right answer, but it’s just over my head. Hopefully my way of explaining things can help people no matter their level of understanding.


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  • So many good blog posts come about from questions asked by others in the community. Add in some collaboration, and the creative and inquisitive minds of others, and you’ve got yourself a nice work around to fix a slight annoyance. Al Eardley tagged me on Twitter with the following question. How can we prevent line…

  • It’s 2020 and no doubt you feel like you’ve never been away from work, straight back into it! Hopefully, you had some time off at the end of the year, and maybe even took some of it to think about your plans and goals for the coming 12 months. For me, one of the things…

  • Although my website and the articles I write are primarily about Microsoft, once in a while I feel the need to write about other software or services that I’ve found and have crept in to my weekly routines. I’ve got six I want to share that have helped me become more productive and/or helped me…