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  • If you share a Forms Pro Survey link out with people directly (rather than using FLOW), any responses received will be from an Anonymous Responder. In other words, there is no way to link them back up to a specific Lead or Contact. Well, actually, there is! We can use Microsoft Flow to achieve this….

  • When sending out emails for things like a case closure, or any time you wish to request feedback from your customers, you want to make sure those emails are in line with your companies brand guidelines. You can do this with Forms Pro email templates, although it might not be immediately obvious. So let’s look…

  • A really cool feature in Microsoft Forms Pro is the ability to send out surveys to a view from Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. So consider an event or webinar you have held, and you want to send out a survey to them asking for feedback, you can simply select the view when you send an…