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Recent Articles

  • If you have ever used a portal for Dynamics 365 you will have noticed that the navigation along the top has a little house to indicate the home page link. If you edit the navigation you will see that the Image URL field contains .fa.fa-home. Ever wondered what that is? It’s using something called Font…

  • There is so much buzz going on about the User Group Summit Europe event in Amsterdam next week, and I can’t wait to present there. However, I’m now looking at the week after, and getting ready for my presentation at the very first D365/CRMUG happening in Nottingham on Thursday April 4th! It’s been organised by…

  • In a previous post, I walked through adding a portal inbox and messaging process. This provides the ability to create messages for portal users to log in and access, along with a nifty unread message indicator like you would find on many social media sites. What if you want to include documents attached to the…