After the success of my A to Z of Dynamics 365 Marketing back in April 2021, I thought it would be fun to do a new video series covering the A to Z of Real-time Marketing. One feature for each letter of the alphabet. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any future D365 Marketing videos, click the button below to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

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What is Real-time Marketing all about?

A is for A/B Testing

A/B Testing can be done within a Journey without needing to set anything up in the email first.

B is for Building Conditions

Easily build-out conditions as part of your email to truly customise the content and send out personalised marketing.

Find out what the Consent Center is and why it’s important in Real-time Marketing.

D is for Delivering Text Messages

You can send text messages using Real-time Marketing with several different service provider options.

E is for Edit Sample Data

Using the Edit Sample Data when previewing emails is a handy way to see what a personalised email will look like.

F is for Finding Email Analytics

Where are the analytics for your emails found? It’s important to know how emails are performing.

G is for Goals

Set goals on your Journeys, then see how you are performing against those goals.

H is for Holistic Reporting

Analytics is the place to go for a full overview of your entire marketing efforts (emails, sms, journeys).

I if for Indicating Fields For Audience Configuration

How can you determine which fields are used for a records email address or phone number? Audience Configuration is how.

J is for Journeys

Although Customer Journeys exist in Outbound Marketing, there are new Journeys as part of the Real-time Marketing functionality.

K is for Keeping Up With New Features

What’s the best way to keep up with new features coming to Dynamics 365 Marketing? You’ve got a few options!

L is for Lists

Build lists to use within your emails to display dynamic personalised content.

M for Making An Event Trigger

How on earth do you create an Event Trigger? We walk through two different options.

N for New Emails & Email Templates

Emails in Real-time Marketing are created in a different place, and have slightly different options.

Yes, this is about Outbound Marketing but it’s new BECAUSE of Real-time Marketing.

P for Push Notifications

Does your organisation have a mobile app? If so, Push Notifications might be the thing for you!

Q for Questions on the Preference Page

What questions will your Contacts be asked on your Consent Preference Page? Take a look and see what changes you might need to make.

This one is all about Real-time Consent and understanding what settings to change.

S for Segments

Are segments any different? Find out in this video!

T for Tokens

What are Tokens? Do you need them and how do you use them?

U for Understanding Your Limits

The quota information disappeared for a while, now it’s back and better than before. Check this out!

V for Value Based Branches

A journey can take many twists and turns, and here is how you can use values to determine which branch someone goes down.

W for Writing Personalisation In Emails

This one is all about adding personalisation in emails. So many different ways!

X for eXits

Leaving a journey can happen in several ways. This video looks at different ways to exit a journey.

Y for Your Assets Library

Your asset library contains all your images, videos and documents in Real-time Marketing.

Z for Zero In On Email Reports

And finally, let’s look at how you can access your email reports!