Link Anonymous Forms Pro Survey Responses To Records


If you share a Forms Pro Survey link out with people directly (rather than using FLOW), any responses received will be from an Anonymous Responder. In other words, there is no way to link them back up to a specific Lead or Contact. Well, actually, there is! We can use Microsoft Flow to achieve this. So, consider an event, and you’ve provided a link, or shared a QR Code for people to span and they have completed your survey. Let’s walk through the steps of how to create a new Contact record, then link their Survey Response back to them in Dynamics 365 CE.

To get started, go to Microsoft Flow and log in, click to add a New flow and select Automated – from blank.

Give your Flow a name, and type in Common (for Common Data Service) in the search box. Select the ‘When a record is created’ trigger and then click Create from the bottom of the screen.

You can rename each step (clicking on the three dots ‘ellipsis’ on the right. This step is the trigger for when a Survey Response is received in CDS. Select your environment, the survey responses entity, and scope of Organisation.

Add an action step next using Microsoft Forms. Even though your survey is created in Forms Pro, it’s the Forms connector you need to select. Your surveys (or forms) should show in the Form Id list. Select the correct one. For the Response Id, add an expression. We need to use the int trigger body to parse the Source Response Identifier string into an integer value accepted by this action. You can paste int(triggerBody()?[‘msfp_sourceresponseidentifier’]) in to the Expression field, then click OK.

Add another action from the CDS connector for Create a new record. We will create a Contact. Select your environment and the correct entity (you might wish to create a Lead for your own purposes depending on your business requirements). Now you will be able to populate the contact with fields from your survey. Make sure you populate the First Name, Last Name and Email address at minimum. You might have other fields on your survey that you can also add to the new record.

Now we need to link the contact back to the survey response. Add another action from the CDS connector and select ‘Update a record’. Select you environment and the Survey responses entity. In the record identifier select the Activity id from the initial trigger step.

Now you need to link it to the Contact. Add the Full Name to the Respondent step, and add the Email to the Respondent email address field. Add the Contact id in the Regarding field, and set the Regarding Type as contacts (or leads if applicable). You can also populate the Subject field if needed, or anything else you feel makes sense in your scenario.

Once a survey is completed, we can see the new Contact is created in our environment, along with the linked survey response activity in the social pane.

If we open it up, we can see the Regarding field is populated, along with a subject provided in the FLOW.

Now we can see all of the related question responses. Awesome! This allows us to have all of the survey responses linked right from the start of the prospect or customers journey rather than having anonymous ones not linked to anything.

Want to just watch how to do this? Check out the video below:

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