Creating Custom Email Templates In Forms Pro


When sending out emails for things like a case closure, or any time you wish to request feedback from your customers, you want to make sure those emails are in line with your companies brand guidelines. You can do this with Forms Pro email templates, although it might not be immediately obvious. So let’s look at how to do this!

From your survey, click on Send Survey, then click on Send Email as you see below.

Next, on the top ribbon of the email, click on the Save As button to save the default as something else. Give it a logical name, then click Save.

Now you can start customising the template and adding in your text. You can add images, but you need to have them hosted somewhere so you get a URL that’s accessible to the outside world. Without this, it’s not possible for the recipients to see the images. You can give alternative text (for when the images don’t load in an email client) and also add in a link (to your website for example).

You need to make sure you Insert the survey link and an unsubscribe link. I would suggest leaving the ones in there that came in the Default template you copied and just work around them as you customise the template. You can also personalise the email with the recipients First Name.

The easiest option? Have your marketing department create an HTML email for you, or create one using your marketing email tool of choice, and (assuming you are hosting all of the images on your own website) then simply view it in a browser, highlight everything (Ctrl+A) then paste it in to the survey (Ctrl+V). This will bring all of the HTML you need and be sure all of the images will be displayed. Below you can see an example where I have a header image, then all of my social media images (that are hyperlinked) too. It keeps it inline with the rest of the marketing blog emails I send out so the recipients know the email is from you by it’s look and feel.

Want to just watch how to do this? Check out the video below:

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