Using Realtime Marketing Forms from Customer Insights Journeys on your website provides a quick and seamless way to have new Leads and Contacts created automatically in Dynamics 365. It’s good to know that when a new record is created, the owner of that record will be whomever owns the Marketing Form. Rather than giving Sales people an out of the box security role for Marketing (which I have seen many times), consider creating a new specific role for Marketing Form Ownership. This post will walk through the access needed. Let’s jump in!

First things first, if you assign a marketing form to someone who doesn’t have access to own them, you will get this message. The user must have access to the msdynmkt_marketingform table.

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Create a new security role (or modify an existing one used by other users in your organisation) and search for the Form table (msdynmkt_marketingform) and assign Read access at the Organisation or Business Unit level depending on what’s most appropriate for your company. This means users can own the form but not make changes to it, nor create a new form.

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That’s great, now you can assign the security role to your user and then assign the Marketing form to them so they are the owner of the form. Perfect! However, before celebrating too much, as soon as the form is submitted, you will start to see failed submissions.

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The detail of the failure will likely show ‘Error while assigning submission’. This is because not only does the user need access to own the form, but also subsequent form and field submissions.

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So go back to the security role and search for Form submission (msdynmkt_marketingformsubmission) and Field Submission (msdynmkt_marketingfieldsubmission). Provide Read access only.

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The good news is, you can go back to the failed submission, select it and then press Resubmit. Now that the owner of the form should have access to own the form and related field submissions, the submission should run and complete with success.

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One last note on security. If the owner of the marketing form already has at least Read access to Contacts and/or Leads, they will become the owner of any new records created. If not, you won’t get an error, but the new records will be assigned to a SYSTEM user, so something to look out for. Make sure you assign your new security role to anyone that needs to own Realtime Marketing forms and you are good to go!

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3 thoughts on “Providing Security Access To Users For Realtime Form Ownership

  1. Great write up on this! I found that I also had to add create permissions to Created Entity Link (msdynmkt_createdentitylink).

    Not sure if you’re planning to do a follow-up article, but having forms with Topics you can Opt-In to adds quite a bit of complexity and required permissions. Anyone planning to do that should make sure you have Create permissions on Contact Point Consent (msdynmkt_contactpointconsent4) and read permissions on Compliance Profile (msdynmkt_compliancesettings4)

    1. Hi Tim, interesting that you had that issue. I actually wrote this blog post a few months ago and only just posted it so it could of course be that Microsoft changed things YET AGAIN. Not likely to do a follow up article to this one though. Again, I’ve not seen that the owner of the form needs to have create permissions on those other tables so will test it out and update this post accordingly! Thanks Tim!

    2. Hi Tim, I just tested again. I am guessing your created entity link permission was needed if the person didn’t have access to create Leads and/or Contacts perhaps? My user already had access to create Leads which is what the form was for so there was no issue there. I added a Purpose and a Topic section but they were created fine without any need to grant permissions on the Contact Point Consent or any permissions on the Compliance Profile. I wonder, do you have stuff set up in your environment with multiple business units? Perhaps that is a difference?

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