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EFFECTIVE: 2020-21-07 – Microsoft announced that Forms Pro was becoming Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. While elements of this blog post may still be accurate, keep in mind that the product has change. You can review the blogs in the D635 Customer Voice category which is being added to over time.

Microsoft Forms has been around since 2016. In walks Microsoft Forms Pro in 2019. Both have tons of functionality. Both can be used by an organisation to gather feedback from customers, prospects and even employees. So what is the difference between the two?

If you want to create a classic form, this can only be done in your default Forms Pro environment. Click on the ellipsis on the New Pro Survey option.

You will now see the option to add a New Form which will be the classic Microsoft Forms experience.

If you have different kinds of forms and want to see which one is a Forms Pro survey, you will see a little indicator on the form.

To help understand, I’ve created a comparison table showing an area of functionality, a brief description and then an indicator if it can be used in Forms, Forms Pro or both. You can download a PDF of the table here.

Functionality Details Forms Forms Pro
Survey Title Set the title of the survey
Survey Title Formatting Set the font as bold, italic, underlined, change the colour, font family and font size
Survey Description Add a description to the survey
Survey Description Formatting Set the font as bold, italic, underlined, change the colour, font family and font size
Survey Description Piped Data Add piped data in to the survey such as First Name or Last Name. Can create additional parameters to add more values as required
Survey Image Add an image to the survey header (Bing search, OneDrive or Upload)
Functionality Details Forms Forms Pro
Add Theme Using Pre-set Colours Add a theme to the survey using up to 8 predefined colours
Add Theme Using Pre-set Images Add a theme to the survey with different images
Add Theme By Selecting Colour Add a theme to the survey by using a specific Hex Colour
Add Theme Uploading An Image Add a theme to the survey by uploading your own image
Theme Idea Suggestions Based on the title of the survey, theme ideas are suggested and can be selected to use on the survey
Functionality Details Forms Forms Pro
Multilingual Surveys Create a version of a survey in multiple languages
Personalise Surveys Add personalised data by creating new piping variables. Information from a record in CDS can then be used to pass back in to the survey (questions and descriptions)
Copy Survey Create a copy of an existing survey
Share Survey As Template Copy a link to share with others. Visitor to link can then duplicate the survey to start using as their own
Share Survey To Collaborate Copy a link to share with others so they can collaborate on a survey with you
Settings For Who Can Complete Survey Set who can fill out the form for either anyone with the link, or only people within your organisation
Settings To Record Name With Link Record the name of the person filling out the survey, which is only possible with personalised links
Settings For Only One Response Per Person With Link Ability to have only one response per person for a survey, which is only possible with personalised links
Settings To Record Name In Organisation Record the name of the person filling out the survey
Settings For Only One Response Per Person In Organisation Ability to have only one response per person for a survey
Accept Responses Accept responses by default but deselect to stop any further responses coming in. Then have the ability to share a message with anyone who tries to access the survey
Set Start & End Date Set a start and end date for when the survey can have responses submitted
Shuffle Questions Questions will randomly shuffle the order of the questions displayed.
Customise Thank You Message By default the thank you message displayed at the end once the survey is submitted just states ‘Your response was submitted’. This can be changed in the settings area.
Customise Footer Message By default the footer message shows 'This content is created by the owner of the form. The data you submit will be sent to the form owner. Never give out your password’. This can be changed in the settings area.
Send Email Receipt To Respondents If only people in the organisation can respond to a survey, an email receipt can be sent to the respondent when they submit the survey
Get Email Notification Of Each Response If only people in the organisation can respond to a survey, an email notification can be sent to the person creating the survey when a response is submitted
Add Sections To Survey Organise the surveys in to separate pages by adding new sections
Preview Survey In Computer Mode Preview how the survey will be displayed to a responder reviewing it on a computer
Preview Survey In Mobile Mode Preview how the survey will be displayed to a responder reviewing it on a mobile device
Functionality Details Forms Forms Pro
Survey Question Formatting Set the font as bold, italic, underlined, change the colour, font family and font size
Survey Question Piped Data Add piped data in to the survey such as First Name or Last Name. Can create additional parameters to add more values as required
Several Question Types Available 7 different question types are available to add (Choice, Text, Rating, Date, Ranking, Likert & Net Promoter Score)
Make Question Visible All questions are visible by default, but can be hidden if required
Subtitle On Question Add a subtitle to a question which appears underneath the question text to provide more explanation or additional clarity to a responder
Make Question Required Set a specific question as required so the responder must provide an answer
Insert Media In To Question Insert either an image or a video in to a question
Suggested Options For Choice Question Options are suggested for the choice question based on the first initial option added
Multiple Answers On Choice Question Responder can provide multiple answers to a question when using the Choice question
Drop-down On Choice Question Make options appear as a drop-down list instead of displaying all possible options
Shuffle Options On Choice Questions Shuffle the options on a choice question so they appear in a different order each time
Long Answer On Text Question Change a single line text question to a multi-line text question
Restrictions On Text Question Add a restriction to a Text question to force the answer to be a number. This can then be forced to be greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, equal to, not equal to, between or not between.
Rating Question As Stars Or Numbers Set a rating question to require a response giving a number of stars, or selecting a number from 1 to 10.
Add Labels To A Rating Question Adding a label lets you set a label for the lowest option (1 star or 1) and the highest option (10 stars or 10)
Hide Question Numbers Hide the number that displays by default against each question in the survey
Functionality Details Forms Forms Pro
Create Branching Rules Create branching rules based on responses to specific questions
Branching Rules To Navigate To Questions Navigate to specific questions based on the answer given to a prior question
Branching Rules To Navigate To End Of Survey Navigate to the end of the survey based on the answer given to a specific question
Branching Rules To Navigate To Another Survey Navigate to a follow up survey based on the answer given to a specific question. This will occur once the survey has been submitted
Branching Rules To Navigate To A URL Navigate to a URL based on the answer given to a specific question. This will occur once the survey has been submitted.
Branching Rules Based On Value Of Answer If a question is not equal to specific response, or greater than, or less than, determine what happens next
Branching Rules With Multiple Conditions Set multiple conditions to determine what happens with the survey next. For example, a responder might answer Yes to one question and No to another, and then a branching may occur
Branching Actions For True And False Set branching rules with a condition that has an action for a TRUE outcome AND for a FALSE outcome
Functionality Details Forms Forms Pro
Responses Are Stored In CDS The responses to the survey are stored in the Common Data Service, allowing access to the Forms Pro entities. These can then be combined in a Model Driven Power App with entities from other platforms such as Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
All Survey Responses Can Be Viewed The responses can be viewed for a survey easily
Charts Are Provided To Display Details Each question type has its own visual representation using charts and graphs to view the response data
Export All Responses To Excel Responses to the survey can be exported to Excel
Export Individual Responses To Excel Individual responses to the survey can be exported to Excel
Print Summary Print a summary of all the responses, displaying charts and visuals
Print Individual Responses Print the individual answers for a specific respondent
Get A Summary Link Get a link which can be shared with others to view a summary of all of the responses for a survey
View Sentiment See the overall average sentiment for a survey, and the sentiment for individual responses
Search For Responses Search for responses within the last 30 days, 90 days or custom date range, or by name or email address
Association Insights On Survey Displays the correlation between one or more questions in the survey to help detect patterns in the responders.
Sentiment Insights On Survey Displays the average sentiment score and a word cloud for positive and negative feedback of respondents
Functionality Details Forms Forms Pro
Share Survey Using Link Share a link with people so they can access and respond to the survey
Share Survey With QR Code A QR code is provided which can be downloaded and used on a website, on an advert, in a presentation or on printed collateral for responders to scan with a phone or tablet and access and respond to the survey
Embed Survey Inline To Webpage Copy generated code and paste it into a webpage so responders can access and respond from your website.
Embed Survey With Pop-up Copy generated code and paste it into a web page to display the survey in a pop-up window on a webpage.
Embed Survey Using A Button Copy generated code and paste it in to a web page to show t he survey when a button is selected on your website
Pass Context In Embed Code Use parameters to pass context in the embed code used on your website. This allows you to pass information back in to CDS on the survey response which can be used to link information to other records
Functionality Details Forms Forms Pro
Send Survey Using Email Client Using the email option opens up an email template in your default email client with a link to the survey added.
Send Survey Using Forms Pro Email Survey can be sent via email using the built in email functionality within Forms Pro
Create Custom Email Templates Email templates can be created using images, font style changes, adding tables and hyperlinks
Email Can Be Personalised Email templates can be customised with the First Name and Last Name of the recipient
Unsubscribe Option Provided Recipients of emails requesting feedback can unsubscribe from survey emails, preventing you from sending requests in the future
Import Recipients Import recipients using a CSV file. The survey can then be sent to each person in the spreadsheet
Send Email To Office 365 Contacts Search for, find and email contacts from Office 365
Send Email to D365CE View Using Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, search for a View and send to Contacts found using the Advanced Find criteria
Quick Poll Add-In Quick poll add-in for Outlook and lets you create an instant, real-time poll directly in the body of an email. Results can then be reviewed in Forms
Functionality Details Forms Forms Pro
Configure A Microsoft Flow From A Template Configure a Microsoft Flow using a template which can be used to trigger a survey when events occur in CDS. For example, when a case is resolved, when a lead is qualified or when an order is fulfilled
Configure A Microsoft Flow From Blank Configure a Microsoft Flow from blank, setting your own triggers and actions based on your own requirements

Hope the comparison helped. I will keep this updated as new features are released. Anything you think I have missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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65 thoughts on “Forms VS Forms Pro – What Is The Difference?

    1. Thank you sir. That means a lot! I think this will continue to grow and evolve over the next few months.

    1. Thank you Per! I felt it was long overdue and needed to be done. ????

    1. You are welcome Emily. Glad it’s useful. It was an interesting post to put together. Didn’t really know much about regular Forms when I started

  1. It’s as much a guide to the capabilities of each as it is a comparison, especially for those who are relatively new to the deeper world of forms and surveys. Well done, and thanks so much!

    1. Why thank you! It was interesting to learn more about Forms, and to see that it has capabilities that Forms Pro doesn’t, as yet.

  2. Megan, I’m going to reveal my ignorance, but if I open a form is there an easy way to tell whether it’s a Forms Pro form or a Forms form? I’ve built a couple of simple forms now, and I couldn’t even tell you which app I used to build them.

    1. Good question Neil. I have updated the blog with a new screenshot that shows the indicator for a Forms Pro survey.

  3. Has the question around the ability to “save and continue” been addressed with MD Forms Pro? In the real world, no organisation are able to go into a survey and answer all questions in one fell swoop, so need to save the answers and then complete later. Will MS EVER address this? Has anyone got a “non-klunky” way of addressing this? What external solutions are there to get around this, even if it means using another company to do it?

    1. Hi Gary. This is not something that has been introduced as a feature yet. Are you familiar with the User Voice site where you can provide feedback and suggestions?
      I just did a quick look and what you are looking for has been suggested: – at this point all you could do is vote for it and add a comment. There is currently no way I can think of to address it. The only slightly related option is to send Contacts a reminder if they haven’t completed a survey within X number of days (blog post on the way in a few weeks on how to do this).

  4. Thanks Megan, your article is interesting and very clear
    I have a question (I couldn’t find the answer anywhere):
    How to disable the previous button in Microsoft Forms (The respondent can’t go back after answering the question)

    1. hi Nico, at the moment there isn’t the ability to disable the back button. Only way would be to keep all of the questions on one page unfortunately.

    2. Thanks for your reply.

      So that means that if a person wants to change their previous answer they can go back and change their answer, we can’t block that ?
      It’s a bit annoying when you ask questions in branches, so the route taken can be modified.

  5. Hi Megan,

    Great article on features but you have not commented on the licensing of Forms Pro. As always with MS, if a new subscription has the word ‘Free’ in it you can be sure that after the free Preview is over there will be a cost to pay. In the case of Forms Pro it is further confused by the availability of a ‘Free Microsoft Forms Pro USL’ subscription and a paid for ‘Forms Pro Addl Response’ subscription. I logged a support ticket with MS to find out EXACTLY how this works, 34 days later (and several escalations) they have still not given me a definitive answer.

    This was the first response “Free Microsoft Forms Pro USL subscription has a Limited response rate, therefore Microsoft Form Pro USL can work without Form Pro Addl Response but with a limited response rate however to have access to 2000 response rate Form Pro Addl Response is required for Non-Dynamic license tenant as both Form Pro Addl Response and Microsoft Forms Pro USL are embedded in a Dynamic License tenant.”

    I then asked for the definition of ‘Limited response rate’ as it is impossible to decide whether to roll this out to our 500+ E3 users without knowing EXACTLY how many forms responses are included in the ‘Free’ Form Pro USL. So far I have been told it is “between 1 and 2000′ after which you must purchase the Forms Pro Addl Response SKU at a cost of $100 per 2000 responses.

    When I get the definitive answer I will post it here 🙂

    1. Hi Nigel, thanks for posting your comment. My lack of information about licensing costs is intentional. This is something I try not to get in to on my blog, and focus on functionality rather than getting in to the license model and other financial related elements of a service or product. Forms Pro is not free, but Microsoft Forms Pro is included as part of the Dynamics 365 enterprise license. A tenant with a Dynamics 365 enterprise license has 2000 responses per month included at the tenant level (irrespective of how many seats the tenant has).

      Forms Pro is included with Dynamics 365 Plan, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan, Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Plan, Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Enterprise, Dynamics 365 for Field Service, Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Dynamics 365 for Talent, and Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation.

    2. …….but what about all those tenants with just E1/E3/E5 which was the point of my post? MS are blurring the lines between O365 and D365 apps with PowerApps being the classic example as the new 1st October subscription changes highlight. One thing is for sure, if any app moves from O365 to D365 it becomes much more expensive.

      Making a ‘Free Microsoft Forms Pro USL’ available to O365 tenants is very misleading, whilst you can build forms for ‘free’ you have to pay if you are going to have a decent number of responses. I am still awaiting the definition of ‘a decent number’ from MS.

    1. Hi laslas, please contact Microsoft or your Microsoft Partner for questions and information about pricing.

  6. Great article! Sorry if I missed it, but does Forms Pro allow a responder to include an attachment with their response?

    1. Hi Marcy, no, not at this time. Hopefully a feature we will see in the future though!

    2. just an idea …

      you can sort of get around this for surveys/forms that are domain/login based by using a branching rule to chain to a file upload only survey created in MS Forms. It works OK .. the only challenge is 100% guaranteed connection between the base survey and the file upload action as they are two separate transactions in two separate data systems.

  7. Hi Megan,
    Great comparison! I was only missing the part that Microsoft Forms Pro cannot be used within Government and Education as far as I know. While apparently this is allowed with Microsoft Forms.
    Microsoft Forms is also GDPR compliant, but I don’t know about Microsoft Forms Pro.

    1. Hi Ruud, thanks for the comment. I have confirmation from the product team at Microsoft that Forms Pro is GDPR compliant. You are correct in that you couldn’t use it for Education, it was originally blocked during the preview phase. It was enabled for Education when they launched it for GA on July 1st so you should be able to use it in the Education sector. Government account support is currently planned for early next year.

  8. The free version of Forms has a wonderful GUI when you share the results, but it only shows the last 3 responses for text fields. Does Forms Pro allow a more details button so you can see all responses for text fields?

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for the comment. Yes you can see all responses for text fields in various ways. Much easier to review in Forms Pro.

  9. This is really helpful! Question though: I’ve been using Forms before, and have a bunch of surveys stored in there. Can I transfer these to Forms Pro in an easy way or do I have to rebuild them?

    1. Hi Melissa, your Forms would be available to you, but you would need to recreate as a Forms Pro survey. This then gives you all of the new Forms Pro functionality. Unfortunately no way to switch the survey from one type to another.

  10. Hi, Megan. I have been doing research on a straight-forward way to upload responses to a survey mailed to people into a program that will allow me to do basic analysis — looking at topline responses to each question and then examining responses according to a few different demographic questions (sex, age, length of residency, etc.) Most products are all online and don’t have the ability to upload responses from a direct mail survey. Others have low limits on the number of responses. I think we will have somewhere in the range of 1,000 responses when we’re done with data collect. There are 14 questions plus 7 demographic questions. I can get colunteers to input responses into Excel and then upload from there.

    My question is do you think Forms or Forms Pro is a good solution for this circumstance? Thank you for any advice!

    1. Hi Frank. Good question. If you won’t have the ability to put their responses directly in to Forms Pro themselves (by filling out the survey online) then no, I don’t think it’s a good solution for you for this situation. You would not be able to then upload the responses from your Excel spreadsheet in to Forms Pro.

    2. You should be able to use connectors in flow to store the responses in a backend repository like SharePoint and/ or SQL databases (SQL connectors are premium, I believe).

    3. Yes you absolutely can for both Forms and Customer Voice (which was Forms Pro).

  11. So I just found a whole new set of functionality in Forms Pro related to links in text. By now we all know that if you type a URL in a test area in a survey, FormsPro automatically turns it into a link.

    But what is cool is that once you type a URL in you get a new formatting option on the text formatting bar that looks like a link.

    Select the URL .. hit the Link icon and you get a dialog that allows you to manage how that link functions. This is really amazing and really enables a whole different set of application layering.

    Megan .. hoping you can doa deeper dive here and att it to your amazing comparison table.

    1. Thanks Craig, yes there are some new features that I haven’t had the opportunity it add to the comparison table yet. Hopefully soon!

  12. Hi,
    New to forms. So some questions:
    Does any of these 2 tools allow to send remainders to those that did not answer the survey?
    Does any of these 2 tools allow to have “likert” questions with weight? If yes does the analysis provide already the average?
    Does any of these 2 tools allow to do analysis by filtering types of respondents?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Carola,

      Does any of these 2 tools allow to send remainders to those that did not answer the survey? – not automatically. Check out this post for a suggestion on how to achieve it:
      Does any of these 2 tools allow to have “likert” questions with weight? If yes does the analysis provide already the average? – Likert questions exist as a question type. The responses in Forms Pro show Power BI tiles for analysis. You would need to export the responses or view them in Power BI to calculate any kind of averages
      Does any of these 2 tools allow to do analysis by filtering types of respondents? You can filter by tracked vs. anonymous, and based on the date of the response. What ‘types’ would you be referring to?

  13. Hello Megan,

    Thank you for the table, it is very helpful. I was wondering if you can help to answer for the question about changing ownership for Pro forms as I cannot see Move button. Is there any way I would change the ownership?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Tania, at the moment I don’t believe there is a way to change the ownership, but hopefully will be made available in the future.

  14. Hello,

    Our company is new to forms so this breakdown is very useful in seeing the difference between the ‘Free’ and ‘Pro’

    One question I have is ‘Free’ Forms has a limit of 200 forms per user with 50,000 response per form. Does ‘Pro’ have a unlimited amount of forms per user? I can’t seem to find this information anywhere!

    Many thanks for you help.

  15. Hi Megan.
    Thank you for the interesting article. A nonsense question: do Forms and Forms Pro have different icons and show up in the portal. as different applications? I got really confused when I looked at the license:
    Forms Pro Trial
    Forms Pro
    Microsoft Forms (Plan E5)
    How can you have Pro and Pro Trial at the same time? I registered with Pro and the web said that you have an account with us. Some features I have, seem to be from Pro (Excel export, emailing etc). Yet I cannot create a New Pro Survey, as … (3 dots) does not show up. I have a University subscription Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus.

    1. Hi Marcin, I edited your comment to remove your unique id number, probably not a good idea to have that posted online just in case! You can have a Pro Trial show up as a license option, yes. Depending on if you are a Dynamics customer, you might even see Microsoft Forms Pro for Customer Engagement Plan. Hopefully this link from Microsoft will help:

  16. This is the key text – if you want Forms Pro you and are on Office 365 then you need to commit to 12 months @ $100 per month and will get 2000 responses per month.

    N.B. There are ZERO free responses for Office 365 tenants.

    N.B. It is an annual commitment

    “The Forms Pro license is based on the number of survey responses received per month. The capacity is measured at the tenant level.
    For a Dynamics 365 enterprise licensed tenant, 2,000 responses are free and the customer can choose to purchase additional responses in bundles of $100 for 2,000 responses per month.
    For an Office 365 licensed customer, there are no free responses included. The customer has to purchase responses in bundles of $100 for 2,000 responses per month.
    If a tenant has an Office 365 license, turning off the license for Office Forms will also turn off Microsoft Forms Pro.”

  17. Hi. Great comparison.
    One question, is it possible for a respondee to add a file to the response, or make a question where a file upload is the response?
    Would come in handy in a lot of situations and make for more use cases, since this is more than a survey tool, it is an intelligent information gathering tool.

    1. Hi Freddy, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately at this point, the only way you can upload files is if the survey is set to allow responses from your own organisation, and not from external respondents.

  18. May I know, if my license is exchange plan one. Then I want to use the Microsoft forms. How about the limitations for the participant can response the form? Or the limitations is count for 4000 character?

  19. Great article! I recently created a form and have shared it for collaboration with few people. Observed some limitations though –
    a) One can delete the responses to a form permanently and there is no way to restore the responses in case those have been inadvertently deleted.
    c) The collaboration link privileges are View and edit. There is no way to restrict to View only.

    1. Hi Ash, yes, there are certainly limitations, and you’ve found a couple of them. ????

    2. Thanks! Actually you can overcome some of these by creating the form via OneDrive, instead of the Web Forms interface, the responses will be synced into the Excel. Easier to recover!

  20. One of the great and comprehensive comparison that i have come across ..all your search stop at one single place..
    Thanks for all the great work you are doing..

  21. This is brilliant! – thankyou very much. One question, Do you have much experience with snap surveys and if so how they do they fair up against Microsoft forms and forms pro?. As we’re deciding whether to switch over from one to the other.

    1. Hi Mackenzie, apologies for the delay, I have been on holiday/vacation for the past week. I have never used Snap Surveys, so I have no experience to compare. Sorry! 🙁 Good luck with your decision!

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