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EFFECTIVE: 2020-21-07 – Microsoft announced that Forms Pro was becoming Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. While elements of this blog post may still be accurate, keep in mind that the product has change. You can review the blogs in the D635 Customer Voice category which is being added to over time.

A really cool feature in Microsoft Forms Pro is the ability to send out surveys to a view from Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. So consider an event or webinar you have held, and you want to send out a survey to them asking for feedback, you can simply select the view when you send an email. Let’s take a look! Below is the view we will use.

First lets create our survey. One other cool thing to notice is the suggested questions feature. The survey has a title and a description that use the word event, and ask for feedback. Notice all of the questions that are suggested relating to this. We can simply click on the questions we want, then click the link to ad them.

One of the questions asked was the Net Promoter Score. Clicking to add a new question after that displays another suggested question. This is a really useful feature!

In the email template we can add in the First or Last name fields from the Personalise menu.

Finally, we can use the To field and start typing in the name of our View. It will give you System or Personal Views as suggestions. We can then send out the email with a copy going to each person that meets the search criteria of the View selected.

Want to just watch how to do this? Check out the video below:

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4 thoughts on “Send Surveys To A D365 CE View

  1. Hi Megan,

    Thanks for the wonderful video series πŸ™‚ One stop to to go pro in Forms Pro.

    I tried to send the surveys to the existing view as you have described in this blog but for some reason, my view (I created that custom view) was not appearing in the list. And when I tried the out of box Active Contacts view, it didn’t send the surveys.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Ravi, thanks for the comment! Glad the blogs are helping. I am not sure if it takes a while for new views to show up. If none of the emails are sending from the view action, I would try contacting Microsoft Support and see if they can troubleshoot from their side.

  2. Hi Megan,

    Thanks for all the great info. Wanted to know if able to modify who can send the survey (‘From’ field). We would send VOC surveys out of CRM and set the ‘From’ field to a generic email or a queue. Doesn’t seem to be an option when using ‘Forms Pro’


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