Making the move from Outbound Marketing

If you haven’t already seen the news from Microsoft, they have announced the retirement of Outbound Marketing functionality (more on this here). Along with this, Dynamics 365 Marketing has a new name, and will be Customer Insights Journeys. 

Some of the most common comments from new clients are:

We have no clue if things are set up correctly in our environment! We don’t know how to begin moving to Real-time Marketing but know that we need to do it soon. How can we get started?

The best approach is to have a full review of how your environment is currently set up. I can detail areas that look like they are set up correctly, those that might need some review, and functionality not being used or even potentially set up and used in the wrong way. An audit with a follow up report can provide you with clear steps to move forward and make sure you are not only ready but set up in the best way possible to make sure Real-time Marketing can be used to get the most out of the system. 

Real-time Marketing Audit

How ready are you?

Do you need to understand the current set up of your Dynamics 365 Marketing environment? Are you unsure of how ready your organisation is to transition from Outbound Marketing and start using Real-time Marketing? Or have you already started using it and are not sure you’ve thought of all aspects?

Read on to find out more, or click the button below to schedule your audit and get your report. A consulting session to review the contents and answer any questions will be provided too!

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Outbound Marketing

Understand how your system is currently set up for any Outbound Marketing functionality and communication. Make sure you are fully compliant for any current ongoing Journeys.

Real-time Marketing

Make sure you’ve considered all of the areas that need configuring for Real-time Marketing. This is especially important if you’ve already started sending Journeys in this area.

Next Steps

Review recommendations provided in your audit and go through the readiness checklist to make sure your organisation is ready to use Real-time Marketing and you can get started!