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  • Business Process Flows (BPF) are a great way to help D365 users navigate through a process in the system. They can be used to help progress an opportunity, follow up with an account, review and manage a case etc. A BPF can also help with user adoption and speed up training for new users. In…

  • I couldn’t figure out a good title for this one, so let me explain what I mean. Let’s say you have an entity with a lookup field to link it to another entity. I’ll use the example of an Event record. Someone wants to register for the event, so you create an Even Registration record….

  • I’m always impressed by anyone who can write their own app, and Daniel Hesketh and his team at MiiiA Pty Ltd have gone one better. Not only have they created D365 Tiles (which I blogged about here), but they have also created the equally awesome D365 Checklists (which you can find in AppSource here). Actually, that’s not…

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