I used to run a marketing department for a recruitment software company. Each month, I worked with one of our 3rd party vendors, typically someone we had an integration with, and we planned a joint webinar. I loved the planning aspect and making sure we had each stage thought out from beginning to end. This involved creating a landing page with a registration form for the webinar, auto-generated thank you email providing detailed information back to anyone that registered, reminder emails and follow-up emails after the event to those who attended, and anyone who registered but missed it.

Having implemented the Dynamics 365 Marketing App numerous times now, I wanted to look at how a marketer could do the same thing when planning a webinar, and make sure they understood all the pieces of the puzzle before putting it all together in a Customer Journey.

So this short series will cover all aspects of organising an online event using Dynamics 365 Marketing and Microsoft Teams Webinars. This will also be done using your organisation’s website rather than the related D365 Events Portal. It’s by no means the ONLY way to approach this, but hopefully a good starting point for anyone considering what the right approach is for them. This page will be updated with a link to each new blog post once it’s published, starting Monday 9th August.