Creating and managing your Real-time Marketing Journeys just got easier. I’ve been asked many times about how to link Journeys to a Campaign or add additional details to provide different ways to sort and review them. If you are on the latest version (at least 1.92.2019.0, you can now edit the Journey table. You’ll need to look for the Journey table with the logical name of msdynmkt_journey to make sure you start editing the right one. Let’s review a few ideas and a couple of things to watch out for!

Adding the table in to your solution, you can then add in some new columns. Campaign is the first one, a way to link your Journey to an old school marketing campaign. It’s the Campaign record that can be used to manage the financial costs for delivering this Journey which may even consist of multiple Journeys and other activities. This will be a lookup field to the Campaign table. I’ve also added in a multiple lines of text field for a Description, and a choice field to set the language for the Journey as this might also be of value.

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Once your new fields are added, include the Information form (form type main) and click on the Settings tab to add your new fields. Don’t try and add it on the Design tab, it just won’t work. The Design tab is the initial screen that comes up when creating a Journey and stating if it runs from a Trigger or a Segment.

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Just a note on something I tried so you can save yourself time and see what happens. I figured I would add a new section to the Settings tab to keep these items separate from anything out of the box that appeared in this area. I’ve opened it in the classic form editor so you can see what I mean. I added a nice Additional Details section for my new fields.

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Once your Journey is created, click on the gear icon on the right hand side panel to get to the Settings area. Even though the new Additional Details section was set to be open by default, it still remains closed which was a little annoying.

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You then have to expand it each time to review and set the fields. This could mean users might miss information.

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So instead, I went back to the form and moved all of the fields in to the existing Settings section that was already there and removed my new Additional Details section. So now we can see we have our three new fields that can be set by marketers working on their Journeys.

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We can then include those new fields on Views, and use them for filtering of Views if required.

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What do you think? Is this something you will use and start additional additional columns to use on your Real-time Marketing Journeys? Let me know in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Table Customisation Of Real-time Marketing Journeys

  1. Thanks Megan, once again your content is timely and extremely useful. β­πŸ˜πŸ‘

  2. Hi Megan,
    This looks great and something that I can’t understand why Microsoft haven’t done out of the box. I heard that Campaigns are due to be deprecated so would it be advisable to use that entity or build a custom one?

    1. Hmmm, I’ve not heard that. Do you have a link to something that indicates this? Always cautious about reporting things until I see it in writing from Microsoft!

  3. Hi Megan, when I select the msdyn_journey table I only get the option to update the outbound marketing journey/form. The version is up to date, is there something else I have missed?

    1. Hi Angela, it’s the msdynmkt_journey rather than msdyn_journey table that you will need to edit.

  4. Hello Megan,

    Hope you are doing good.

    You are sharing very useful content and it’s simply awesome. Thank you for your time.

    I have few questions:
    We don’t have Power BI Premium license. So, How do we extract data from RTM Dataverse? Can we use KingswaySoft toolkit to access insights data or any other options rather than Power BI?

  5. Dear Megan,

    Thank you very much for your quick response.

    Take Care!

    Best Regards,

  6. Hello Megan,

    thank you very much for your posts your insights are helping me a lot.

    I currently made customizations regarding adding campaigns on realtime mails, journeys and events. But Iam currently struggeling with adding campaigns table to realtime marketing forms. Do you have any experiences with this?

    Best regards,

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