Everyone has their browser of choice, and for me, it’s Microsoft Edge. The biggest draw is the ability to set up various profiles. This is huge for any Power Platform consultant doing work for various clients, or someone in sales prepping for demos for different prospects. I can just swap between profiles and stay logged in to a specific Office 365 tenant. Great feature! Another feature I’ve previously ignored, and it’s annoyed me in the past when it’s popped up and suggested I use it, is Collections. This is just a quick tip to show what it is and how you can use it.

When you have Microsoft Edge open, you should see a little icon with a plus symbol and a square behind it. Clicking on this opens up the collections panel. You can use the pushpin icon to dock it to the right of the screen so next time you open Collections it will stay there rather than float. Click on one of the options for Start new collection.

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A collection is a group of web pages that you’ve gathered together in one place. This is different than making a page a favourite. Indeed, you could have a web page as a favourite AND in a collection, but here is how I think of a collection. Consider you are going to do a presentation, and as part of that, you have 5 or 6 different web pages you will be showing. You can add them all to a collection for that specific demo, then when it comes time to do it, just open the collection and everything is saved there. No need to favourite them, and once finished, you can just delete the collection. It’s really simple. Here you can see that I have given my collection the name of ‘Episode 55’. This is where I can then add any links I find during the week that I want to talk about on The UP Podcast with Lisa Crosbie.

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Once you are on a web page, open collections and click Add current page. This will immediately add it to your collection and will show the page title, domain and an image.

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You don’t have to go in to the collection to add the current page. Simply open the collections panel and then hover over the collection image and click the plus button that appears. So easy!

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You can also add notes by clicking on the note icon from the top of the collection.

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From the ellipsis, a full menu appears with a ton of options. Although they have send to Excel, OneNote, Word and Pinterest, I would LOVE to see a send to Email feature… please Microsoft? 🥰 You have other options allowing you to sort by name, date created and recently used. Finally you can open all the links in one go, copy them and paste.

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For me, this has been great to simply store a link I see and want to remember, without having to open up a document and save it somewhere, or saving them as favourites. Each week once the podcast is done and all the links have been added to our shownotes, the collection for that episode can be deleted. Hooray for Collections!

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Have you been using this feature? If not, do you think you will? What will you use it for? Let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Using Collections In Microsoft Edge

    1. Thanks Merlin! Yes, so simple but so many use cases for it.

  1. I use Collections daily, for work and personal use. This is my favorite Edge feature. Thanks for your explanation of how it’s used – will post to Yammer at work.

    1. That’s really cool Christine, thank you! I admit I ignored it for a while but now that I’ve started using the feature, I love it! Thanks for sharing with others!

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