For any organisation, providing content and communication to your customers in the right language is important. Microsoft Forms Pro provides the option to create multilingual surveys. If you create your survey using multiple languages, a respondent will be shown the right version for them based on the language setting in their browser. Let’s walk through how to set this up.

First, from the top right of the survey, click on the ellipsis and select Multilingual from the drop down menu.

You will see the default language of the survey, but with the option to add more languages below. Click on the plus sign to search for and add additional languages.

Once you have your languages added, hover your mouse over one and click the pencil icon to start editing.

We can see the default language first, then there is a field to put in the translation of that text in the different language. You have to do the translations yourself, there is no functionality to do this for you (which I wouldn’t have expected).

We can see all of the options for a Choice question below.

Now we can see the finished survey in French. The user can click on the drop down menu from the top and pick a language. However, the user will also be displayed the French version if they have their default language set as Français in their browser.

Want to just watch how to do this? Check out the video below:

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