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You’ve added the tracking code to your website, and you’ve been looking over the dashboard…. now let’s check out the recordings! A recording covers a session that occurred on your site. What’s a session? It’s defined as the amount of time a user spent on your site. A single user can open multiple sessions that can happen on the same day, or over several days, weeks, or months. A session ends if the user is inactive for 30 minutes. A recording covers a session and can include dead clicks, rage clicks, navigation to different pages etc. Let’s check this out!

The recordings can be accessed from the top menu as one of the main links. You also have access to get to recordings from various metric cards on the dashboard.

If we click on the Recordings link from the Dead clicks card on the dashboard, we can see that it passes this through to the Recordings page as a filter. So now we can see all sessions where Dead clicks equals yes, and the sessions occurred within the last 3 days.

We can sort the sessions in a variety of ways to drill down in to the data we want to see.

Once you choose a session recording you want to review, and you click on it, you can expand the details of all the events by clicking on the Timeline button. In this example, I can see all of the information about the session including the date and time it happened, the browser, device and operating system the visitor was using, their country, the entry and exit url’s for the session, and how many clicks and pages occurred. The events section shows all of the pages that were visited, along with all of the Clicks, Dead clicks, Rage clicks and quick backs.

Now comes the fun part. We are shown a player for each session recording, and can then sit and watch the path the user took, the clicks they made and so on. You can click on the GIF below to open it larger if you want to enjoy the show. πŸ™‚ Watching recordings with a lot of clicks or page views is interesting and helps understand the journey that your site visitors are taking. You can see challenges or issues, or reasons for changing things on specific pages of your website.

Looking at several of the recordings for one of my pages, I noticed that a pop up was continually ignored. Even though in my mind it was a clear message and call to action, people either didn’t bother to read it, or just didn’t understand. So rather than try and prompt them to go to the most up to date version of a comparison table for a product, I found out that this approach just didn’t work, so instead added a full on redirect. Without reviewing these recordings from Microsoft Clarity, I wouldn’t have known… or it would have taken me a lot longer to realise. I’m a fan already!

You can watch a video about this here.

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