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I’ve mentioned before, Microsoft Clarity is not a replacement for Google Analytics, nor is it a comparable product. Instead, it should be used in addition to Google Analytics. In fact, there is a Google Analytics integration from Microsoft Clarity. Connecting the two products provides a session playback link within Google Analytics which can be added to your dashboards and lists of page views, which can then be used to open up the recording related to your analytics. It’s pretty cool! In this post, let’s walk through how to connect your Microsoft Clarity project to Google Analytics and where to look for the data captured.

First, log in to Microsoft Clarity and go to the Settings tab for your Project. Right at the bottom, click on the Get Started button under the Google Analytics integration section.

You will then have a couple of screens to go to that walk through connecting your Microsoft Clarity account to your Google Analytics account.

Once connected, you will then see a list of the sites you have access to, which is pulled from the Google Analytics accounts and the properties within those accounts. Select the right site for your Project in Microsoft Clarity.

Once you’ve made this connection, this adds in a new Custom Dimension to Google Analytics. You can find it when you go to the Admin menu, then the Property you have linked, then Custom Definitions.

Clicking on Custom Dimensions, you will then see that a dimension has been added with the name Clarity Playback URL.

Now when you are viewing a table of data, you can add in a secondary dimension. Click the dropdown, and then type the word clarity. You can then select the Clarity Playback URL dimension from the list.

Now this gives us access to the Page that was initially viewed, and a url that goes to Microsoft Clarity. We can then copy that URL and paste it in to a browser.

This now gives us direct access to view the session recording for the data we were just reviewing in Google Analytics (GA). This is perfect for reviewing our site analytics first in GA, spotting a potential issue, then watching the session recording to get a playback of all the interactions that occurred. This is really cool!

You can watch a video on this here.

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4 thoughts on “Google Analytics Integration With Microsoft Clarity

  1. Hi,

    I have integrated clarity as per the above instructions, but I am not getting any data for Clarity_Playback_URL in my GA3 property.
    The data, however, is coming in clarity console.

    1. Hi Anuj, can you see the Custom Dimension for the Clarity Playback URL within Google Analytics?

  2. Hi Megan,
    I have integrated clarity as per above and its being a week and data is not showing up in MS Clarity. I can see the analytics are flowing in GA but it is missing in MS Clarity. Could you please help me in sorting the issue.

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