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For each presentation I do, I hope at least someone will find value in the content, and maybe even want to get more info. Subscribing to my newsletter is a good way to do this. About a year ago I started using Forms Pro surveys as part of the session, and always include a question for people to sign up for my newsletter if they wish. There are so many great email marketing tools out there, and recently I switched to ConvertKit (thanks to fellow MVP Neil Benson for making me aware of it!). So how can do you get someone who selects Yes on a Forms Pro survey to be added as a subscriber in ConvertKit? Let’s take a look!

First, make sure you have a Choice question on your Forms Pro survey.

Next, we need a Power Automate flow to trigger when a new Survey Response is received. This has been covered quite a few times in other posts, but you will need a step to get the survey response details using the regular Microsoft Forms connector. Use the following expression in the Response Id field.


You may have all kinds of action steps in the flow, but at the end, add a condition to check if the value given for your newsletter sign up question is equal to Yes (or whatever value you gave it).

Now you must have a newsletter Yes/No field within your Common Data Service (CDS). Your next step, if the condition above is met, is to set that newsletter field to yes. Below the regarding id is used as the record identifier to find the Contact.

Next, we move on to Zapier. If you haven’t used it before, it’s very similar to Power Automate. You have triggers, actions and connectors. They might have slightly different names, but it’s pretty much the same thing. You can create custom connectors in Power Automate, but doing it each time you need something new isn’t practical (if you want to know more about this, check out this post from Ryan Maclean, and check out this post from Joe Unwin). Instead, I use Zapier quite a bit to connect to other tools that I use. For this, we are going to connect to Dynamics 365 first and use the Contact Updated trigger. Note, this connection is premium so you will need a paid account.

Next we login to our account, then click on Find Data. Zapier will bring back the last few records that meet the trigger event. We then select one of them to use for our test. Keep in mind, if you are doing a test, and that test will trigger an email, that email WILL go out, so be sure you use your own information for this.

Moving on, we add in a second step, and pick the Filter by Zapier app.

Our filter is to make sure that the newsletter field is equal to True (or yes). If it’s No and they didn’t want the newsletter, the process (or Zap as it’s called) will end.

If yes, we are going to add them to ConvertKit. The action event is to Add Subscriber to Form. You can pick other ones, but this one will make it seem like someone filled out a form from your website. This can be helpful if you have a rule that they won’t be shown the form if they have already completed it, making for a better user experience on your website.

After logging in to the ConverKit account, we can then pick the form, then access the fields for Email and First/Last name to create the new subscriber. If your form has a sequence linked to it (a series of emails and/or steps), you can opt them into that.

Finally, you can run a test to see if it all works.

From the ConverKit side, because the Contact is added to a Form, they will fall into this automation, where they are sent a thank you email.

For me, this helps with an automated approach during one of my presentations. The audience member had minimal effort in order to subscribe, didn’t have to navigate to my website, and can hopefully see the possibilities available with Forms Pro and some imagination. If you aren’t already using Zapier or ConvertKit, I can strongly recommend both of them!

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