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Hopefully, you’ve been using Google Analytics for some time now and learning how to navigate around and move through all of the different screens, dashboards and reports. Did you know there is a faster way to move around? We can access keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the application.

When in Google Analytics, click the Shift key, then the question mark (?) and the following screen will open. This shows some of the primary keyboard shortcuts that can be used.

If you open up a report and then click on the calendar control to change the dates, then click on Shift and ? again, you will get the following Keyboard shortcuts menu to open. In addition to the application shortcuts, you will also be given a series of shortcuts to change the date range. Once you start to learn the shortcuts, you don’t need to open the menu each time. Instead, you can just use them directly, no matter where you are within Google Analytics.

Keyboard shortcuts list

Use these keyboard shortcuts when you’re working with Analytics reports. Date-range shortcuts work only with reports that have one date picker for the whole report. Check out the entire list below.

?Open the list of keyboard shortcuts
aOpen the account picker
mOpen/close the left-hand navigation pane
s or /Open Search in Google Analytics
d tDate range = today
d yDate range = yesterday
d wDate range = last week
d 7Date range = last 7 days
d 3 0Date range = last 30 days
d cApply last-period comparison to date range
d xApply year-ago comparison to date range

Want to just watch how to do this? Check out the video:

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