2 thoughts on “Using Focused View And Up Next In Model-Driven Apps

  1. Thanks, Megan – that’s really insightful and helpful. You mentioned adding to a custom app, I’d love to know more if you’re able to share.

    1. Hi Fraser, you can edit the site map of or your custom app and use a URL as the content type. Add this in as the path – /main.aspx?&pagetype=control&controlName=MscrmControls.AcceleratedSales.AnchorShellControl&data={“OpenAdminSettings”:true,”PageId”:”WorkItemAppearance”}

      Then you can also edit the priviledge to make sure it’s only seen by those with Write access to the Sales Accelerator settings table. That gives you quick access to be able to change the appearance of the different focused view areas without having to fiddle about remembering how to get to it. Hope that helps!

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