*** UPDATE: Please review Part Two to see the latest way to access and set up Email Signatures. This will show you a quick and easy way to add images and hyperlinks. ***

One of the great features of Dynamics 365 is the ability for a user to add an email signature to their record. This can then be used when sending emails out of the system. It’s pretty straight forward to set up a text signature, but what about one using images, and images with hyperlinks?

Setting Up Your Signature

Start off by clicking on the cog in the right hand corner of D365 next to your name. Click on Options, then from there, click on the Email Signatures tab. If you have a signature already set up you will see it listed here. If not, or you need an additional signature created, click New.

In order for an image to be used in your signature AND for that image to be seen by the recipients of your email, it must be accessible to the outside world. This means that the image must be hosted on a server somewhere that you can get to via a link, rather than using an image that is stored on your local C drive on your machine. If you are not sure how to get your image on a server, check with your IT Team, Marketing Team or the person responsible for your website. They should be able to help you out once you provide them with the images. Next, go to the URL where your images is stored. Next, you need to right click on the image, then select copy image.

Go back in to CRM, then paste (right click with your mouse and select paste, or use Ctrl+V on your keyboard) the image directly into the signature box like you see below.

Adding URL’s to images in your email signature

To add a URL in to the signature, you can simply type the link directly in. For example, you can see a link to my own site below. Just make sure to use http:// or www at the start of the link. Once the email is received this will be a clickable hyperlink.

**UPDATE** – After a few comments about this not working, I tested again and it no longer seems you can then paste in the image from Outlook or Word. Leaving this in just in case it works in some older versions still. For the images, those can become images that once clicked will take the recipient to your intended website, great for links to your social profiles. To do this, it’s best to use something like Outlook or Word. Copy the image in the same way, but paste into a text editor. Then, right click the image and select to insert a hyperlink. Add the link to your website or social media profile. Then, copy the image again and paste into the signature area in CRM. You can now set the signature as your default.

Once the email is received, the text link will show up as a hyperlink, and the images can also be clicked on to take your recipient to your specified link.

Finally, if any of your users don’t have access to create their own email signatures, check the settings of their security role to make sure the email signature section has access levels set.

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9 thoughts on “Email Signatures with Images & Hyperlinks – Part One

  1. I have tried to perform the same actions in Microsoft CRM 2016 and it just doesn’t work in terms of not allowing you to insert the hyperlink. Can you provide any updates as to how to resolves this issue in Microsoft CRM 2016

    1. Hi Mike, unfortunately at the moment I don’t have access to a CRM 2016 environment to try and figure that out. 🙁 This was done using Dynamics 365.

  2. Thanks for this tip.

    However the part where you describe how to create a picture with a hyperlink doesn’t work for me (Chrome, Word, Outlook, Dynamics 365 CE V9.0.2). I simply cannot copy a picture from within Word or Outlook into the Email Signature in CRM.

    1. Hi Moko, can you share your image that you have hosted somewhere? I can then try it and see if it works. If the image is hosted somewhere online, you should be able to copy that no problem, then add it to the Email Signature section.

  3. Hi Megan,

    i have the same pb than moko. I copy my picture from my site then paste to Word add link then copy picture (+link) and try to paste to my Email Template in D365 but nothing append !

    1. Thanks Fabrice, after your comment along with Moko’s comment I tested this part again and found the same as you. I have updated the article to reflect this. Shame it no longer works!

  4. Hello Megan.

    We followed your guide and have been able to set it so that signatures pop up automatically when you hit reply and then chooses the signature corresponding to the queue the mail was received to.

    However, how can we get it so the name of the agent that has selected that email is also input automatically.. as of right now we always have to input our name into the signature.

    Love your guides as always and thank you for your previous response!

    – Roland

    1. Excellent, glad you got it working from the queue. How comfortable are you with workflows? You could potentially use a workflow to append the users name who is creating the email to the bottom of the email text. That should work (I haven’t tested it), and give you what you need. If you try it and run in to issues, just send me an email and I will see if I can test it out and do a write up.

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