Forms Pro Branching Rules – Chained Surveys


It’s possible you may want to collect data from a customer, but not all from within the same survey. Forms Pro has a way to link feedback requests together using ‘chained surveys’. For example, at the end of a survey asking for feedback on a purchase from a pet supply store, we might want to ask the respondent if they would be willing to provide more information about their pets. This might help with future tailored marketing campaigns and allow the organisation to offer the right products and promote the most relevant services.

The first thing we need is a specific question that will be used as a trigger for the respondent to be moved on to the next survey. In this example we have a simple Yes or No choice question. We also need to make sure the survey we wish to direct to is already created.

From the top right of the survey, click the ellipsis and then select Branching rules from the menu.

Now let’s create the new rule. Give it a logical name. In the Define condition, we will set that the last question on the survey is given the answer Yes. If true (meaning Yes was selected), we are going to select the Navigate to option, then select a Chained survey. We then pick the survey we wish to move the respondent on to.

Once someone fills out the survey, and answers the specified question in the way we set in the condition of the branching rule, they will be moved on and redirected to the next survey.

Want to just watch how to do this? Check out the video below:

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