Forms Pro Branching Rules – Navigate To URL


Once a survey has been completed, the default ‘thank you’ is displayed within Microsoft Forms Pro. This might be fine, but if you want to have a more complete process, and keep your customers or participants engaged, how about sending them to your website and to a specific page instead? We can do this by using Branching Rules and navigating to a specific URL.

Start from the top right of your survey and click the ellipsis, then Branching rules.

Click Create rule to start customising your new rule.

Give the rule a name, something that is unique and makes sense! Next, click Add condition.

For this, we want to make sure the last question is answered. This question is also required, which means the survey can’t be submitted without it. That way, we will only redirect someone once they get to the end of the survey.

Scrolling down to the If true section, we can add the action of Navigate to. Then we pick URL. In the last box, we can paste in the URL of a page on a website. This will take someone to a thank you page on my website.

So, here is the last question on the survey. It get’s answered, and the responder clicks Submit.

The feedback in the survey is submitted, and the responder is redirected in the browser and taken to the URL added to the branching rule. Easy, yet effective. This is great to redirect someone to a page with more information on a product or service they just finished completing a survey on, or if they signed up for an event, maybe you redirect them to a page with more info.

Want to just watch how to do this? Check out the video below:

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