As reviewed in my post that provides a Comprehensive Guide To Modern Advanced Find & View Management, the ability to actually search across a table using the latest Advanced Find functionality is only possible if if it exists within the app being used. I had a few questions asking how to add tables to the app even if you don’t want to have them in the navigation. Let’s take a quick look at how to achieve this.

I’ve got a custom app with just a few tables in it. I might want to allow users to search for Leads and Quotes for example, but might not want them on the navigation.

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To do this, go to https://make.powerapps.com (assuming you are a System Administrator) and make sure you are in the correct environment (displayed at the top right of the screen once logged in). From the left hand navigation, click on Apps, then find the App you want to make changes to. Click on the ellipsis (3 dots) to get the menu, then click on Edit.

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It might seem like an oddly worded option but we now need to click on Add page from the top of the screen.

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The page type we need is a table based view and form. That’s selected by default, so just click on the Next button to continue.

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Now search for the table you want to add to advanced find then click on it to select it. At the bottom, make sure to de-select the option that states ‘Show in navigation’. Click Add.

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We can now see that Lead is one of the pages in the app, but it does not appear in the navigation of the app.

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After saving and publishing the changes, open up the model-driven app (refresh a few times or clear the cache) and click in the Search box at the top of the app. Click the link for advanced filters.

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Now the Leads option is available as a table in which we can do our advanced search through. Pretty simple when you know how!

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5 thoughts on “Adding Tables To Model-driven Power Apps For Using In Advanced Find

  1. I followed the instructions but can’t find the lead table.
    What do I have to do to find it?

    1. Hi Geert – if you are unable to find it, I would check with your System Administrator, make sure no one has renamed it or somehow you are potentially in an environment that doesn’t have the Lead table.

    2. Hi Geert,
      Do you have the Sales or Marketing App on your environment ? If not you won’t have access to it.
      Best regards.


    This is just what I needed to make it easy to find Payments in Field Service…it allows you to enter Payments on Invoices but there was no way to just see a list of Payments.

    Thank you!

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