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I’ve long had an interest in marketing and how people present themselves online. You might not think you have a personal brand, but if you are creating and sharing content online either on your website or YouTube channel, you have a brand. Thinking about it and forcing it too much will likely result in you coming across as being inauthentic, so just being yourself is usually the best option!

In a new series, I will be talking about building and marketing your own personal brand. I’ve roped in a few fellow MVP’s to ask their thoughts and get feedback on what they think about personal brand and how they approached it. Upcoming videos will provide tips and ideas on how to be consistent, tools you can use, and ways to present your own brand.

A few extra tips below in my Google Web Story!

So, here is the first video…. what is a personal brand? I hope you will enjoy, let me know what you think in the comments! You can watch the video here.

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