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With any great piece of software, there is usually a mobile app to go with it, and Microsoft Bookings is no exception. This is a great way for your staff members to have access to view appointments and see what’s going on quickly while on the go. Let’s take a look and see what functionality it has, and how to use it.

From the app description, with the Bookings app you can:

• View and manage your calendar
• Create bookings or make changes to existing ones on the go
• See real-time availability for your staff members
• Respond to customers quickly and easily
• Get directions to where your next booking is quickly
• Manage your customer list

To get started, search for Microsoft Bookings in your devices app store. We will be looking at the experience with the Google Play store, on an Android device. Once you’ve found it, go ahead and install it.

There are a couple of information screens you can look through, then click SIGN IN once ready to get connected.

You’ll need your Office 365 account credentials to log in with. Add your user name:

Then add your password:

Once you are logged in, you should see any of the booking calendars you have access to. Select the one you want to open.

You can then navigate to a date from the calendar to see what bookings are scheduled. If there are none for that specific day, you will see when the next booking is, and jump directly to that booking.

Here we can see a booking set up for July 23rd with the name of the Customer displayed. We can also use the filter icon at the top to filter further when displaying the bookings.

The filtering lets you show bookings for everyone, or just yourself or another member of staff, and also decide if you want to show unassigned bookings too.

Opening up one of the bookings gives you more detail, including all of the fields they completed when the made the booking, and any reminder emails that are set up for the booking.

Using the little contact icon at the bottom corner of the screen from the booking, you can contact the customer by calling them, sending an SMS, or emailing them. Keep in mind that these methods of contact would be using your phone and therefore any calls or texts would come from your phone number.

It’s a nice little app to use while on the go. So if your organisation provides services from people out in the field, or on a shop floor, and they won’t have access to go and look at the bookings from a computer, this provides them with a quick way to see what bookings are coming up next! You can watch a video on this here.

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  1. Interestingly when I try this, ( despite having a desktop app pre-existing calendar), the mobile app insists on treating me like a new registration sign up, having to start designing a new calendar with-no option to select a pre existing one on this login account?

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