Rollup fields in CRM allow you to create a rolled up summary of data from other connected records in the database. In this example, let’s create a field to show when an Opportunity was last contacted. We will select Date and Time as the Data Type, and Rollup as the Field Type. Once Rollup has been selected, click on the Edit button that appears.

From here we can set the calculation we need. We want to use data from Activities regarding the Opportunity. This is selected in the Related Entities section. We will apply a filter to only rollup information if the Activity Status is Completed. You may have other requirements to determine if you want to factor an activity in to figure out the Last Contacted Date or not. You can add additional conditions if needed. Finally, we want to use the MAX, or most recent, Actual End date from all of the related activities regarding the Opportunity.

Finally, add this to your form. The field will rollup and be recalculated every 12 hours by default. However, you can manually recalculate the field by clicking to the right and refreshing. We can see here that the date and time will be added to the field so we can see exactly when the Opportunity was last contacted.

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3 thoughts on “Last Contacted with Rollup Field

  1. Hi Megan, thanks for sharing this valuable example, however I think there is nuance with emails as they do not have Actual End field. I was thinking of one Last Contact field for all activities, and a separate one for emails with Max of Created Date. What would be your opinion?

    1. Hi Armine, you are correct, there is no actual end date, but there is a sent date which would be the most appropriate I think. You could create an email but it could sit in draft forever so it wouldn’t be accurate to use created date for this. You’ve only really contacted them if the email was sent.

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