Following on from Part One on Core Record Miscellaneous Privileges, this post looks at Marketing, Sales, Service and Service Management.

There are just three for Marketing

Configure Internet Marketing module, Use internet marketing module

These are both related to marketing modules not present in Dynamics 365 and won’t make any difference to your users if it is activated on a security role. However, better to leave them inactive now in case any changes occur related to these permissions in the future.

Create Quick Campaign

Any user where their security role doesn’t have Create Quick Campaign enabled won’t have the Quick Campaign option in the action menu.

Next we have Sales Miscellaneous Privileges.

Override Invoice Pricing, Override Order Pricing, Override Quote Pricing, Override Opportunity Pricing

These four privileges work on Products linked to the different entities mentioned. If the relevant privilege is given, there are two types of access this will grant. If a user can override any of the pricing, they will see Write-in Product as an option under the Existing Product option when adding a product line item.

Secondly, when drilling in to the product (related to the Opportunity, Order, Quote or Invoice) they will have access to the Pricing field. This will say Use Default, and the Price Per Unit field will be locked. With the appropriate privilege, the user can change the Pricing field to Override Price, which will unlock the Price Per Unit field and can then be modified.

Override Quote Order Invoice Delete

If a security role has been given this permission, users will see the Delete button in the ribbon on a Quote, Order or Invoice record and will be able to delete an inactive record.

Service Miscellaneous Privileges has only three settings.

Approve Knowledge Articles

Knowledge Articles are added via the Interactive Service Hub (ISH) for Dynamics. Users can submit articles which can then be displayed in the ISH.  Without the Approve Knowledge Articles privilege they will not have access to make the article approved.

Publish Knowledge Articles

Once a Knowledge Article has been approved, it can then be published. WIthout the privilege, they will not see the Publish option in the menu.

Publish Articles

Articles are records that are displayed within CRM (and can be published and displayed in a portal). Users can be given a security role with rights to create new articles and submit them for approval. Without the Publish Articles privilege they will not see the Approve, Reject or Unpublish options in the Actions section in the ribbon menu.

Finally here are the Miscellaneous Privileges on the Service Management Tab.

Browse Availability

Without the Browse Availability privilege, users won’t be able to see the Service Calendar from the Service area in CRM.

Search Availability

With the Search Availability privilege, a user can schedule a new service activity. Without this level of access they can still create a service activity, but the schedule option will not be available to them.

Control Decrement Terms

On a case, if using Entitlements but don’t want this case to be counted against this, there is a Do Not Decrement Entitlement button. Although users without the Control Decrement Terms privilege will still see the button, and get the following pop up screen, they will then be presented with an insufficient privileges screen and will not be able to make this change against the case.

Read own calendar, Search own calendar

User records contain more than just their username and password. There are also user calendars which are found in the related records area from the top navigation. With the read own calendar privilege a user will be able to view it, and with search own calendar they will be able to scroll through and search through it.

Create own calendar, Write own calendar

Users can create time off records and schedules. Once created, if they have write own calendar privileges they will be able to modify the records that have been created.

Update Holiday Schedules

Your business holiday schedules can be added to CRM for customer service availability. If the Update Holiday Schedules privilege is not assigned, users with the security role will not see the calendar icon and cannot add new or modify existing schedules.

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Helpful Info

This link from Microsoft provides a mapping of the security role user interface to the privilege names.

Security role UI to privilege mapping

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