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There are several ways to send out a Forms Pro Survey and request feedback. You can send invites to a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement View, or send to a contact when a case is closed. Another way is to import a CSV fill full of recipients. To get started, navigate to the Send Survey tab on your survey, click on the Email option, then click on the Import recipients button on the top right of the survey.

A side bad will open on the right with some details for you to read through letting you know the correct format your CSV file needs to be in. There is a link to ‘Download a CSV template’ but it’s really simple to create your own. Three headers, Email address (which is mandatory), first name and last name. You can only import up to 100 recipients at a time so if you have more than that, you will need to split them up in to multiple CSV files and import them one at a time.

If your recipients email address might already be in your environment, tick the box so that the correct contact will be updated and the survey invite will be linked accordingly.

All of the recipients in your CSV file will be added to the To field. Each person will get a completely seperate email.

Once you click send, you’ll get a message showing the invitations have been sent.

You can then see the invitations listed under the invitations details area on the Email tab.

Unless the Contact was already in your D365 CE environment (based on a match on the email address), a new Contact will be created for each line of your CSV file.

Opening up one of the Contacts will show that the Contact was created by Microsoft Forms Pro, and the Forms Pro survey invite that was sent will also be shown in the Timeline.

Want to just watch how to do this? Check out the video below:

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