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If you’ve been following along and listening to The UP Podcast, with my good friend Lisa Crosbie, you’ll know that this week marked our last one for 2020. We’ve had such fun this year, and honestly, some weeks it’s been the shining point, and something we both looked forward to. It’s helped us both through some pretty lousy times and kept us focused on the positive.

There have been a ton of other podcasts that have popped up, and one that caught my attention was from a good friend of mine, Andy Goram.

Andy is the owner of Bizjuicer and is a business strategy and employee engagement consultant, and as someone who considers himself a hybrid of Marketing, Operations, and HR. He passionately believes that businesses and brands can be more successful if all their people, especially the ones closest to the customers, really get what you do and they feel emotionally connected to it.  This makes businesses stickier.  That means that your talent wants to stay with you because they thrive in your organisation, and your customers are more attracted to you because of the quality of the experience you deliver.

Hence, his ‘Sticky From The Inside‘ podcast was born. I was happy to be asked to be in an episode, where we talked about The Culture of One. How big or small do you have to be to really think about your workplace culture? You can listen using the player below, or search on your favourite podcast player to listen from there. Hope you enjoy it!

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