Just over a 12 months ago I decided to start this blog. I’ve had them on and off for over a decade writing about different subjects but always enjoyed the process and sharing knowledge, information and ideas with anyone that might stumble across one of the articles. Having created websites and taught others about social media (during a time in which I had my own small business), I love the process of writing, then promoting the article, then analysing the social reach.

Having reached a year is a huge milestone for me. It started where it was only family members who I knew were reading anything (thanks peeps! ❤️). Then I published a simple little post, all about emojis, and things changed drastically for me and my little site (thanks Chris Huntingford!).  In this post I am taking a look back at my most read (popular?) articles in the past year. Thanks to anyone who has ever read one, shared one or made a comment. Even if no one was reading I would still write, but knowing some of these have helped others in similar situations makes it an AWESOME feeling.

10. Dynamics 365 for Outlook – Version 9 – Installing & Using The App

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This came out of having upgraded to Version 9 and finding issues with the Outlook add-in for D365, and needing to get a working version again. After digging around and hitting my head against a wall several times, I got passed the errors and knew it was content that others might find valuable.

9. Updating Icons The Right Way On Custom Entities

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Wow this one annoys me…. when you add a custom entity, take a few extra minutes to add a custom icon for it. You will be so happy you did! This post walked through all the little ‘gotchas’ that can occur when adding your icon.

8. Miscellaneous Privileges On Security Roles – Part One

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This was the first part of a four part series, all about the miscellaneous privileges on security roles. I’ve referred back to it many times myself when I know there is something that exists but can’t quite remember the setting or what it does (or is supposed to do). Took a lot of time going through each setting, but I learned so much doing it. Now I just need to try and keep up when Microsoft add in new things!

7. Using 365 Notify For Instant Notifications

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I saw a tweet from a guy in Australia (365 Bruce) sharing that his first Dynamics 365 App had been released. Always ready to check out cool new apps, I decided to review it and then write about it. Bruce has since confirmed that my promotion of the app helped send more visitors his way (which is awesome) and I ended up getting to know a really awesome person. Make sure you check this out, it could help you or a client who might be looking for a notifications tool.

6. Qualifying Leads Without Creating Opportunities

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Anyone who uses D365 in a sales capacity knows that the standard Lead to Opportunity process isn’t always ideal in every situation. It had always been frustrating that qualifying a lead automatically assumed an Opportunity was needed…. and it’s not! So this one was a really cool process to figure out, and I have heard has helped several organisations since I posted it (that is so cool to me! ????).

5. Moving Dynamics 365 Portals Between Organisations

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One of the cool things about this community is that people come up with different ways of doing things. Most often one way isn’t right and the others wrong, just different approaches. So, for this one it’s not the only way to do this, but is just one way to approach moving portals between organisations.

4. Displaying Icons In A Unified Interface App

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Going back to post number 9, this one ties in with making sure that default annoying jigsaw puzzle piece isn’t left hanging around when you are customising D365. This post is about how to make sure it’s doesn’t happen when modifying or creating a Unified Interface App.

3. Becoming A Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Consultant

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The fact that this post is in my top three in terms of views says a lot about people being interested in becoming a CRM Consultant. It’s not for everyone, but this post laid out some of the things to think about if you were considering a career change or just curious about how someone could move in to the role.

2. Too Many Issues To Count – Creating Reports In Visual Studio

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I literally created this post for myself as a reference. ???? I had changed jobs, and also had new laptops a few times, and had to start from scratch getting things set up. I kept getting errors and recalling that I had seen them before but couldn’t remember how to resolve them, so this post was born out of my own frustration. Glad to know it’s helped others a lot too!

1. Using Emojis In Option Set Fields

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This is by far the most read post, getting over a 1/3 of all site visits. Never did I imagine something so simple to become so popular. But I am so happy it did! It’s something fun, but can be used in a way to encourage and increase user engagement, and really give a very quick indicator on records where needed.

So, that’s it! It’s been a fantastic year, I have learned a TON of stuff, and looking forward to writing and sharing posts over the next 12 months.

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