If you use Dynamics 365 Marketing and/or are a System Administrator for an organisation that uses it, this post is for you. Microsoft are great at putting out updates for the Marketing app, but as of yet there is no way for you to be notified about them. That means there could be new and amazing functionality ready to be used that you just are not aware of. This page shows what’s new and each month (at the current rate) there is a new update with bug fixes and more excitingly, new features: New and upcoming features (Dynamics 365 Marketing) | Microsoft Docs. You will get them eventually, but how do you know about them and then install them rather than waiting? Read on.

First, go to the Settings area of the Dynamics 365 Marketing model-driven app. Then click on Versions. This will show the current version you are on, AND if there is a new version available. If there is, you will see a link to Manage + update.

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After clicking on the link, a new tab will open. This shows all of the related packages (solutions) that are part of the update. Simply click on the Update packages button.

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The update will begin. Simple! It can take hours and hours and hours, so don’t sit there and watch. πŸ˜‰ Once it’s finished, going back to the Versions page will show that you are now up to date.

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You can watch a quick video how to do this here.

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2 thoughts on “Update D365 Marketing To The Latest Version

  1. Hi Megen,

    As usual great article. By updating to latest version of D365 Marketing app will it affect our current customer journeys, Marketing Forms, Marketing Website or anything we use in the Marketing app?

    1. Hi Zeeshan, I haven’t ever seen it cause any issues, and no it should not impact your current customer journeys (at least based on what I have seen!).

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