You’ve seen charts & dashboards, and even been given FREE reports… so now let’s look at Forms Pro in relation to Power BI. Microsoft have provided a Power BI app that can be installed from AppSource. The template provided is based on using Forms Pro for case resolution. In order to get the most out of it and see meaningful data, you can use the default Flow template for case resolution. You must have Power BI Pro in order to use this.

To get started, open Power BI and click on Get data from the bottom left corner. When this window opens, click on Get below the Services.

When AppSource opens type Forms in the search bar. Click on the Microsoft Forms Pro Customer Satisfaction app.

If you do not have the correct license needed, you will see this message prompting you to upgrade your account. Check with your System Administrator if you are not sure about this to see if you have pro licenses available.

With the correct license you will be prompted to install the Power BI app. Click the Install button to continue.

Once it has installed you should notice a message stating you are viewing the app with sample data, and a link to click and connect to your own data.

Enter your Dynamics 365 URL that you wish to connect to. You will be prompted to log in.

Once you have connected, you will see a message to update the app to apply and share any changes made. Click on Update app.

You will see a menu on the left of the app to navigate through the report. You will start on an Overview tab.

The Overview shows the number of invitations and responses that have been generated within a specific data range. You can also see the NPS score and the overall sentiment for the feedback. There are various options along the bottom to view the data by location, case priority, case origin, case type and product. A word cloud shows the key phrases based on text submitted. This can then be filtered further to see all positive or all negative sentiment provided.

Agent Performance shows those who have closed cases allowing you to filter the responses by user, sentiment and net promoter score feedback.

The last section shows Customer Satisfaction which is filtered by Account. This shows the NPS based on all responses for Contacts who work for them.

You can also use an Ask a Question featured available on the top right of the report.

There are suggested questions to get you started, or you can start typing out a question of your own to further filter or analyse the data.

Want to just watch how to do this? Check out the video below:

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    1. Yes! Hopefully we will see more apps like this coming out for Forms Pro. ????

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