Creating a carefully crafted survey to send out to your customers can take time. So can filling out that survey! Although you might try to keep it concise, sometimes you need a survey that has a lot of questions and even multiple pages. If it makes sense for your survey, you can now allow for paused responses, where a respondent can complete some of the questions, close the survey and then come back to it later. The responses they already gave will be saved so they can continue where they left off. Let’s look at how you can do this in Customer Voice.

Navigate to your survey, then click on the Send tab. Click on the distribution menu, and then select the Participants option.

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Here we have a ‘Save survey progress’ setting. Turning this on means that the progress of a survey response can be saved and accessed again later to continue the survey. This will only work for up to 28 days, then they would need to start again from the first question. The responses will also be saved and available across web browsers and devices, meaning someone could start from their laptop, then finish the survey on their mobile phone. Note that this saving of the survey progress is only available for personalised survey links. So if you share a link to your survey on social media for anyone to complete, those responses cannot be partially saved.

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Once the survey is accessed, a few questions can be completed, then the survey can be closed. Nothing will be stored in Customer Voice or Dataverse (D365 CE) until the full survey response is submitted.

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You can watch a video on how to do this here.

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