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If you send out Forms Pro surveys to your customers there is always the possibility they forget to respond. They are busy and time slips away so even with good intentions they might not get around to providing you with feedback. So what about sending them a reminder after a few days if they haven’t replied to your original request? Let’s take a look at a Microsoft Flow to achieve this.

First we need to start our Flow with a recurrence trigger. This will run every day at 9am.

Next, we are going to use the Date/Time action of ‘Get past time’. The interval is the number of days you want to go before you send a follow up IF your Forms Pro survey feedback request hasn’t been responded to. The time unit will be set to Day.

Now we use the CDS connector and the List records action to find all of the Forms Pro survey invites that meet our filter query criteria. The first part filters based on the msfp_invitestatus. 647390002 is equal to Sent. Once the survey invite is received to, the status changes to 647390003 to indicate Responded. Now we need to format the Past Date we just retrieved and put it in the format of yyyy-MM-dd.We are then going to compare it with the created date of the survey invites to see if it matches. Finally, we are going to check the Status Reason (statuscode) and only get those that equal 1 which is Open.

You can copy and paste this code in to your Filter Query if needed.

msfp_invitestatus eq 647390002 and Microsoft.Dynamics.CRM.On(PropertyName='createdon',PropertyValue=@{formatDateTime(body('Past_Date'),'yyyy-MM-dd')}) and statuscode eq 1

For each Survey Invite that is retrieved in the List action we are going to format the created date. This is so we can add it in to our notification to our client so they have a little context of which request we are referring to. For this we are going to use the Convert time zone action.

Now we need to figure out the Contact that the survey invite is linked to. For this we need to use the activityparties entity. You can’t find this in the drop down list. Instead scroll to the bottom and click on Enter custom value. YOu can then type in activityparties. Then add in the filter query using the _activityid_value for the Activity id from the List survey invites step. We are also going to filter on the Participation Type of the To Recipient which has a value of 2.

You can copy and paste this code in to your Filter Query if needed.

_activityid_value eq @{items('Apply_To_Each_Survey_Invite')?['activityid']} and participationtypemask eq 2

Now we are going to use the CDS connector again and the Get record action to get the Contact the survey invite was sent to. For this, the item identifier is the Party id from the list activity parties step.

Let’s create our reminder email which can then be sent out to the Contact. The To field will be the Email address from the Get Contact step. Put in whatever subject you wish to use, then fill out the Body of the email. Here we can see the First Name from the Contact, the Converted time to show when the original invite was sent, and the survey invitation url from the original survey invite. This means the link they click on will be the same personalised link you sent them previously.

Here is our completed email received by a customer. You can decide how many times you will do this, although likely one reminder is enough. If they don’t respond after that, let’s just leave them alone 🙂

Want to just watch how to do this? Check out the video below:

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