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If you are using Microsoft Clarity and have not yet set up the Google Analytics integration, it’s worth checking out. And even more so now because you can filter your recordings using a Clarity User ID. Each visitor that comes to your site has an ID assigned, meaning you can gather all of the recordings and data for one specific anonymous person. Or, when testing your site for new features or possible issues, find out when the tester was on the site and narrow it down to find their Clarity User ID, and then filter all of the recordings they generated via the visits. Let’s look at how to find the Clarity user ID in a couple of ways to start using it as a filter.

First things, the Clarity user ID option can be found when clicking on filters, then adding an id in to the Clarity user ID field. Easy right? But how do you even find that ID?

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From within Microsoft Clarity, this can be found by clicking on a recording, then clicking on More details.

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From there, you can find out session information like the date and time, browser and the operating system used, country, and the entry and exit pages. Near the bottom, we can find the User ID. You can copy that and then add it to your filter.

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Yeah, for me that isn’t realistic. I have to search for a recording first to then even try and find a specific user I am looking for. A bit trickier doing it that way. We can also find it in Google Analytics (assuming the integration has been set up). Go to a report and add a secondary dimension, which provides an additional column to your report. Start typing the word Clarity and you should find the Clarity Playback URL as a Custom Dimension (again, assuming you set this up).

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Once you’ve added it, you can then get the User ID from the URL string. It’s the second lot of letters and numbers that you need. Getting it this way means you could create a report to show pageviews and sort by the most, or search for visits to a specific page and get the Clarity User ID that way. It really depends on your requirements as to how you might try and find the correct user.

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Do you think you will use this feature? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

You can watch a video on how to do this too.

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