When sending out emails using the Dynamics 365 for Marketing app, a Customer Journey is needed each time. For each Customer Journey, you must determine the Content Settings to use for the entirety of the journey. Your Content Settings hold things like the organisations address, social media links, the subscription centre and a link for forwarding to a friend. We can use the Content Settings to make sure marketing emails display the correct social media links. Consider an organisation with several Twitter accounts or LinkedIn profiles, one for the corporate content, and one for the customer support content. How can we make sure the right links are used?

First, navigate to the Content settings found in the Marketing templates section of the marketing app.

You will find one Content settings record already set up. Use this for your main links and information. Here I have renamed the default so I know exactly what information it contains.

Then we can set up a second record with the links to the support related social media accounts.

Now in our email templates we can add in some social media images, and use the content assist to set the Dynamic content to use Content Settings and the different social media URL’s we have set up.

So now we know when we send out our emails the links will pull from whatever was set up on the Content Settings record.

Once we create our Customer Journey, we just need to make sure that the correct Content settings has been used which will determine which set of links will be pulled in to the email and used for the social media image links.

So when the email is received, the recipient can click on the social media images to access the correct accounts.

Keep in mind that you can also add new fields to the Content settings entity, and modify the form displayed in the Marketing app. Here we have added two new fields to pull in a website url, and a custom portal url. Google + is no longer a thing, so we can remove that field from the form and move things around too.

Then when modifying content, we can access these new fields from the Content settings records as needed.

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2 thoughts on “Using Content Settings For Dynamic Social Profile Links

  1. Hi there,

    Do you know how to *remove* one of these social links?

    We cannot seem to find anywhere to actually remove this google plus value. it is empty in the content settings but persists on the actual email templates?

    1. Hi S, sorry for the delay! If you are talking about how to remove the image from some of the marketing email templates, you can go in to the HTML of the email and remove it that way quite easily.

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